Wednesday, 24 December 2014

She loves saving old stuff and buying new one!

Everyone has a quality they are known for. Some are vivacious, some love to sleep, some butt into people’s business, some spread love, some smiles.

And my sister? Well she was a hoarder. She liked to collect stuff, with a view that she’ll need them in future, or just for memories’ sake. Restaurant receipts, ATM receipts, shopping mall receipts, notes I had written to her when I was three, SMSes, doodles on her and mine school registers, newspapers and magazines she did not get time to read since the past five years, coins and stamps, old school letters and cards sent to her ages ago, pictures (well, that everyone does), and something even as non-personal as movies ad sitcoms she has watched, is planning to watch, or knows will never watch. If a thing has come to her, it would be saved till eternity. You could find it sitting in some old carton deep in the store when she decides to move (Which is hardly ever). Her attachment to things and places and mobile phones. An old school Nokia handset with the 9 numbers, each key having three alphabets- that phone is still precious to her, with all the messages saved in the phone’s memory. She would move, and move everything with her- table, chair, a piece of duster, the old worn out top she used to wear.
27 years of stuff wrapped up in a taxi
Not because she thinks she’ll use them again, or because she can’t or won’t buy a new one. No. She loves to shop. She would buy shoes and tops and jeans and bags, and not only for herself, but for me too- she’ll buy the stuff she knows she does not need and won’t use, just because it has caught her sight and attention for one second.

That is the time when I thank the card system of paying for things in shopping malls. I believe you wouldn’t buy half as many things if you had to pay for them in cash.  The whole process of carrying a lot of cash first, and second, counting them with your hands slowly and slowly, and then handing it over to the man behind the counter, and then seeing him count, would definitely send some alarm bell down to your brain, if it were a stupid expenditure. But cards?! Oh, no worry. One swap and everything- stole, car, phone, hat, nail polish- is just a signature away to being rust out in your cupboards or flaunted on the roads.

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