Sunday, 28 December 2014

8 reasons why ebooks win over paperback

The newest indiSpire debate is just another angle of ‘modern v/s traditional’. It’s on a topic where every one of us would have a say, and where the sides we take are governed by the results of personal usage and individual convenience. It is a debate as simple as anything: ebook versus paperback.
Here are my top eight reasons of why I prefer scrolling (or clicking ‘next’) to turning pages.
Screenshot of a page from Neel Mukherjee's latest novel

1.      I can read an ebook lying down, in any position.  Gone are the days of relentless turning and readjusting to find a comfortable position for me which would also keep my book cover intact, the pages of the book un-craggy, and make the seam not loose.
2.      I can read it on the go, anywhere, anytime; when caught unexpectedly with some free time on hand, in between classes, waiting for a bus at the bus stop, during dinner time in mess. Not always would you carry a paperback, but not so the case with your phone. I cannot thumb through a paperback which I had left at home miles away and that I suddenly feel like reading at the middle of the night. But an ebook would surely be stored somewhere on my hard disk.
3.      Traditional books were spoiled for me if a pencil mark strayed on it by mistake. But the highlighting of lines and adding notes to ebooks seem convenient, especially when you review them once you finish reading them. Helps you know at a glance what caught your attention, what you thought.
4.      I can share it with a person (a typical Flipkart buy can be opened on as many as 6 systems) and we can read it at the same time discussing it as we go; rather than waiting for one person to finish it before lending it to the other.  Also, I don’t have to worry about him dog-earing the book anymore, or not returning it at all. That’s a major advantage of this. Have fell for the non-returning-borrowers so many times earlier. (I was looked upon at as a nerd when I told my friends that they cannot dog-ear, have to use only a bookmark as a bookmark, and not a pen; and that they have to open a book only so-and-so inch so that the seam doesn’t open too much.)
5.      Major advantage: It’s a lot of heavy weight off my shoulder, and takes up no space on the shelf in my room.
6.      The search function makes it really easy to go back and re-read couple of lines, putting them in perspective as you advance further in the story;  or share a piece of wisdom with a friend.
7.      People can read an ebook at the middle of a night without disturbing everybody else in the room by switching on the lights. (Disclaimer: but reading on phone in dim light is a lot of strain on your eyes, and is not advised if you want to have a healthy eyesight.)
8.      Lastly, I feel they are quicker to read. Though I don’t know if that’s true, or it’s just me. And yeah, it is ebooks that you are gonna find for free on Google! ;)

As much as I love the smell of old books, or the feel of a book in my hand, the soft copy of a book or any other piece of information would win hands-down for me in front of, say, a notebook for making to-do lists, or newspaper for reading news. Go technology!

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