Thursday, 4 July 2013

Where are all those people going?

As I waited at the railway station for my train to take me from Bikaner to Jaipur, I saw a plenty people waiting for their trains as well. People of various sizes and ages stood there with luggages as small as a backpack, to a whole family of suitcases. A man had a cardboard box with tree leaves popping out of it. An old lady carried a big purse in printed cloth which did not go with the century we were in. A teenager strolled on his stroller in a hurry. It was not a usual time for me to travel for college was not about to reopen for the next month. I came to wonder where all those people were going. I was on my way to my Sister’s place. Some might have been on a way to a vacation. According to the dress of an uncle and his limited luggage, he could have been on a business trip. An aunty might have been going to her parents’. But I really could not fit all the other people to their destinations. Some looked like they just got bored of the same room and same ceiling and same TV screen and same couch and juts got up and decided to board the next train that comes (Not that it’s that easy with the huge number of people not getting the reservations even after booking the tickets months in advance! Again the question, where do all these people go? All those days? Everyday??).

If a close friend of mine had asked where I was headed to, I would have a long story of my planned trip, how I almost cancelled it, how excited I was about it, etc etc. And if asked now, I would have an even longer diary entry for that that I had returned from the trip. I wonder what would all the stories from all the people standing that day at the railway station with me, amongst whom many travelled in the same train as I, from the same place to the same place, would look like coupled together in a book. How many of those stores would be similar, exciting, interesting, or make a person think about life and the life of travel. I am not a very big travel freak, but I believe if I ever get to know even the tits and bits of those travel journeys of the strangers, I would ponder over something about life that I haven’t yet. For sure, there is something about the real life occurrences of people that have the ability to move a person emotionally and psychologically. And in that multitude of people that thronged the railway station that day, there got to be someone who must be travelling alone, to an unknown place in search of something unknown to himself.  And I might just get something from that very oblivious person’s travel story.

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