Monday, 22 July 2013

If you drink milk daily you are a good boy. Not anymore!

Infact, you might already be giggling over the sexual pun of the sentence.

Is using abusive words bad? Does it make you a bad person?

Earlier in childhood, being good or bad was so easy. Black and white. You have milk- you are a good boy. You brush your teeth twice a day- good habit. You wait to go to the loo to pee- nice li’l boy.

Now it is so grey. Swearing would be a total no-no if you wanted a gift from Santa on Christmas. But now surrounded by unbelievable people, swearing is an easy way to move on with life after one (or two) good bitching session. Also, cracking dirty jokes with sexual pun could have never passed a nice or nasty test with a positive result. But now it is all about having fun and being able to let a conversation going, which is impossible without some dirty imagination with your girl-friends in a hostel room at two in the morning.

The grown-up life doesn’t come with an instruction book like my refrigerator or oven came with. They are the big things that need to have a written word to fall back on in case they break down. Why isn’t the same with life? You can obviously go back to the rules of the childhood, but sometimes they end up being crappy and not suitable for the time.

 Then how does one decide what would let them being in good books of God, to whom he/she might turn to in times of want, or just for comfort? The strong and deep foundation of childhood based on the then rulebook would let you know by intuition and common understanding of the world now in a grown up’s time what rules are good to break, or mould and what needs to be strictly followed.

Most of times when one cannot see to oneself what is right or wrong, an easy clear-cut way is to ponder if the decision/action would make your parents proud, or would you be ashamed to tell them about it. Other than that, I think it’s your life and you can do whatever you want, and unless you are making anybody else’s life difficult, it is fine. With that thought, mostly nothing is wrong if you are fine with it. Just make sure you are, because you have to deal with conscience every now and then. And even for that, I think a deep rooted habit of falling on tracks of the childhood instruction book would help.  So the parent’s thing could keep you on your tracks for sure. Really, parents bring a whole new meaning to life, and set it in a direction agreeable to them, and you.

Now the whole  meaning of being good and bad generally seems to be about if you are good looking, good to your friends- help them cheat in exams/make <and not help in making> projects for them, laugh on jokes and do not take an insult badly(otherwise you are just one crying wuss). Then the question of being good from whose perspective is an important point. You definitely should not care about a good opinion about yourself from bad people (whom you consider bad). Being good from your point of view is what should matter. Over and out.

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