Thursday, 14 March 2013

Moments Stay with Us...

Dates. Age. Old. Young. Fresh. Dull. Days. Years.

Are dates in a calendar simply for memorising the important days of our lives? Is it sometimes saddening to know the exact number of years which have rolled on, never to return? But somewhere knowing you have been in a place, or it has been some twenty-or so long years sounds and feels like an accomplishment. The memories that we made down that time, the things we learnt, the moments we cherished, the person we became each passing day, the changes those times brought, the smiles we laughed, the tears we cried, the thoughts we thought, the feelings we felt, the mature we grew, the people we bonded with, the lessons we learnt, this and everything is important. The person we are now wouldn't have been the person we would have been if we missed out on even one of those days.

Conscious or not, the moments that touch us impact us. The conversations we have the sights we observe, the exchanges we make throughout a day somewhere changes how we react to world the next day.
It’s been twenty-eight years to Mom's joining in Bank of Baroda yesterday. She mentioned that the first thing in the morning. I exclaimed as to how she remembers the exact date. She replied, how can one forget one’s joining of a job. And went on to tell the dates of my Sis’ joining at the two companies she had been, one she is currently working at.

Maybe calendars and dates were invented by people to remember how much time that has passed or how many days are left for so-and-so thing but now these are helping us keep memories. Some people have the habit of saving the receipt of bills of meals they want to cherish. The dates and the menu brings back the memories. People keeping journals would be very specific about writing the date of the day they are writing on, because what they thought is as important as when they thought it. Was it yesterday or day before. Critiques of writers take into account as to when a text is written, what might have been the state of mind of a writer.

Similarly, in life, moments come and stay… they stay with us, that is why what I am thinking today might be very different, or even opposite to my train of thoughts of tomorrow because what goes in between these two days, that is today has left its impression on me, I acknowledge it or not. That is why great philosophers always say keep thinking good thoughts, be in positive company, talk good, look at beautiful things, and don’t scar your life with one negative moment if you can help it. Because it stays.

I am going to be twenty in less than two month’s time, and I cannot really come up with many incidents that might have changed me off the top of my head. But there must have been so many. No? If I seriously sit-down to think about it, I might out-run a notepad, maybe. And I would rather have a notebook scribbled by those moments than nothing at all. Because I would like it if I came to know I somehow interacted with the day to change me for better (or for nah, only better )

'Time flies and it's impact stays'. And there is not one soul who can disagree and not one quote with which I can agree much. Infact, it is not even a quote. Just a saying, or rather, a fact. Accepted, unargued fact.

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